About us

The Leader in Steel Mill Services

TMS International is the leading provider of on-site, industrial steel mill services for steelmakers around the world. Our people, services, technology and equipment provide invaluable resources that support and enhance our partners’ entire manufacturing operations. We strive to stay ahead of our customers’ challenges by continually improving our processes and introducing new steel mill services. Our services help lessen steelmakers’ environmental impacts and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Driving Inovation – Value Added Services

From raw materials optimization to slag applications, TMS International turns insightful ideas into value-added services that help solve some of our partners’ biggest challenges.
Building strong, long-term relationships with our partners is the cornerstone of our business.
With more than 87 years of experience, TMS International has attracted and retained many customers by providing superior value.
Our growing global network includes more than 80 on-site locations in 10 countries and 36 brokerage offices in 14 countries around the world. We operate in North America, South America, South Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and in Middle East. Our headquarters are in Glassport, PA.

Our specialized activities:

TMS International’s proprietary scrap purchasing program accesses real-time market pricing to determine the optimal scrap mix based on individual mill chemistry requirements. We ensure the lowest cost liquid steel.

Surface Conditioning of Steel Slabs – Scarfing
Our innovative scarfing system flames away all surface defects from the face, sides, edges and corners of the slabWith our torch-positioning technology, the robotic scarfing system combines the flexibility of manual techniques with the production efficiency of a semi-automatic machine. Unlike stationary scarfing equipment, the machine can scarf any length, width, thickness or deflection of slabs.

Slag Handling

We pioneered on-site mill services that reclaim metallics and convert slag into useful, environmentally beneficial aggregate products. Our services help lessen steelmakers’ environmental impacts and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Our Services:

  • Raw Material Brokerage
  • Scrap Management
  • Scrap Optimization
  • Slag Handling
  • Metal Recovery
  • Slag Aggregates
  • Alloy Blending System
  • Product Handling
  • Specialized Services
  • Logistics Management
  • Industrial Services
  • Surface Conditioning – Scarfing
  • Scrap Burning and Cutting
  • Blast Furnace Services

Safety First

TMS International leads our industry in safety. On every job site, we follow a rigorous safe-work program that meets or exceeds all government requirements for employee safety. Our goal is zero accidents, injuries and incidents at the mills we service. We attribute our excellent record to our behavior-based observation program, strict adherence to safe-work procedures and a full-time safety team that works at locations throughout the world.